Doomtree: Punch-Out

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[Verse 1: Mike Mictlan]
Ring around the squared circle
Side setter repertoire
Blind sider gut splitter butt splatter weapon paw
Second guesser predecessor hidden stressor
Set it off
Second in command commanding power with the reckoning force
Double O ten
Larger than Kelly Robinson
You getting knocked out harder than Danny Donavon
Doomtree Blowout winter for your wonderland
Willing to only cut a man bullies will never understand
Wooly mammoth Minnesnowta
Murder Maker Mike Mictlan
Hoodie, parka, Nordic, mitten, muzzle, skully, get it on
Sims and Cecil, Mike and Stef (and Dessa and Paper), Lazerbeak the legend god
Wings and Teeth teaming up, feeding on the lesser parts
Uptown to Peavey Park
West Bank to Powderhorn
Captains of the rapping Liberal North
Sovereign township on some Watership Down shit
The Bangarang Gang
Style over everything!

[Verse 2: Sims]
I try to stay cool, let the assholes be assholes
But they're pulling on my last hopes
Yeah they're pulling on my last cord
Anymore and I might dive them something to die for
Call 911 last days in America, the primates won
At the mouth frothing like troglodytes
I'm on a zombie hunt, yeah it's on tonight
Put out an APB, all these silverback gorillas on the trail chasing me
Man, I should just move to the sticks
And let these alpha males roll in their own shit
But I ain't giving into you
I'm a citizen too, who's trying to save who?
On a big white horse in a pale grey suit
So I move with the moon
I'm like ready, aim, shoot

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