About the Highlight Song website

The reason we created this website is because we were surprised to find that there wasn't a central location on the web for cataloging songs for highlight videos.

When we were tasked with finding music for some sports highlight reels the first thing we did was get on Google and type in "songs for sports highlight videos" and a number of similar phrases and the results weren't all that helpful. For the most part we found a lot of scattered forums, message boards, and dated Yahoo Answer posts and the consensus was that there should be a better solution.

That's when we decided to make this relatively simple free site that's free of annoying ads. If you appreciate the time we put into making this site please do us the small favor of linking to our site from your own website or blog.

Please see the contact us section to send in suggestions for highlight songs.

With your help our list is constantly growing so please check back soon for the latest releases.


Obviously the group that made this website did not create these songs. We're just big fans of these songs and hope the artists would be glad that we're promoting their art. All the videos on this website are from YouTube. If you have any questions or issues about the content on this website please see the contact portion of the site and we'll be happy to help resolve any concerns you might have.